Keep and eye out for us this weekend!

This week is the Lakewood Ranch Community Garage Sale. We will be out there with our kids hosting a lemonade stand that will raise funds to support our 100 Lunches ProjectTheir efforts will help us get the needed supplies. If you live in one of the communities doing a garage sale, it would be great to see your kids doing the same thing! Share photos of your kiddos working on their 100 Lunches Project Lemonade Stands on our Facebook Page!
Also, please keep an eye out for any backpacks, duffels or suitcases. We are collecting these for foster children, Feeding Empty Little Tummies, and other organizations that need them. If you buy any or are selling these items during the sale and end up with some afterwards, consider donating those instead! We’ve got drop-off locations at Ed’s Tavern and CoWork on Main Street.

We started the month with a bang!

This month marked our first month out in the field. It was so wonderful to see so many of you out supporting these great causes and participating in our events. We can’t wait to see you again!




SUGAR Shout-Out

Monika, one of our volunteers made our Foster Care backpack drive surpass all our hopes with the efforts she took in her neighborhood. She put the word out to her neighborhood and they heard her! She collected so many backpacks that we needed two cars to pick them up from her! Thank you so much for showing such unconditional goodwill and respect!! We appreciate you!

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