We have so many plans in the works, we can’t wait to share everything with you. One has been in the planning stages for a long time. We have been chatting with SCLO, a local non-profit here in Sarasota, and they have an interesting project that many of our kids will get to participate in. The whole purpose of the Our World Project is to help them see that no matter where people live or where they are from, you can find shared values and interests in each others’ worlds. This project should begin in January and will conclude with all the participants marching together in the MLK Parade on January 15th.
We are looking forward to adding this event to our calendars along with many others in January and February.

We are sending a SUGAR Shout-Out goes to one of our dear friends, Jen Downs, who has been so generous with her time and talent. When her schedule allows her to come to our events, she gladly straps on her camera and captures such gorgeous photos that really help share the joy and wonder that the kids experience as they participate in SUGAR’s volunteer opportunities. Every time we get her photos after an event is over, our smiles stretch ear to ear. Her photos let us relive what we just did, and the photos really allow us to see the difference these kids are making. You can see the seniors’ eyes light up as they are chatting with the kids. You can feel the love that the kids have for the animals they met at Nate’s. You can see the fun that the kids had when they planted a garden. Her photos help tell the story, and we can’t thank her enough for sharing her gift with us!

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