It had been awhile since I worked on tallying our volunteer hours, but I finally did it! We just finished our last event for this year, so I can proudly say that in 2017, SUGAR volunteers have collectively donated 730 hours of their time to helping in and around our community! You all are awesome!!! This year you have planted gardens, made friends with senior citizens, helped serve meals with the Special Olympics, learn how to help out at Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue, sorted donations at Mothers Helping Mothers, cleaned up a riding facility, and so much more! Trust me when I say that the gals at SUGAR are so very proud of the difference you have made.

Speaking of making a difference, we want to give a big shout out to one of our dear friends who opted to ask for donations to SUGAR in lieu of birthday gifts this year. Thank you, Jennifer Kovatch, for thinking of us, shedding a light on what we do, and helping us raise funds to grow our soon-to-be non-profit into something greater. Thank you to everyone who chose to donate to SUGAR too! Ali, Stefanie and I really appreciate you! Every dollar that you’ve donated helps us create events that provide school-aged students with volunteer opportunities. Your donations also go on to support our community through the work these kids do. And of course, all of us at SUGAR wish Jennifer the happiest of birthdays!

Our World Project
(all ages)
Saturday, January 6th-Monday, January 15th 
The “Our World Project” is designed to help bridge the gap between communities around Sarasota through photographs. The concept is that children will take photos of their world and will share them with the new friends they meet from various communities around Sarasota and see how their worlds are similar even when their backgrounds may be different. Second Chance Last Opportunity is hosting this event and has invited us to have up to 15 participating families. Families would be asked to participate in the following:January 6: 12-3PM playground event where kids can take photos, meet the other kids participating in the events, play games and share a meal together.

January 7: Photos are due. You are asked to take 25 photos, then work with your kids to select their top 10 favorite and email them to us.

January 12: 4:30-5:30PM (time may flex to a little later) Photos will be displayed for everyone to see, the kids can talk about their images to their new friends, enjoy a meal together and complete a small craft.

January 15: 9AM Kids and families will participate in the MLK Jr. Day Parade. Everyone is asked to wear white shirts and will walk carrying some of the photos from the project

If you are interested in being a part of this project, please email us


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