SUGAR has been branching out. Last week, we took our show to the road. We headed to McNeal Elementary’s kindergarten classrooms to get to know some new volunteers and share what we do. The three SUGAR gals had the opportunity expand on their school’s “Random Acts Of Kindess” initiative by inviting them to help us create some dog toys for the puppies at Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue. The kids got to practice their “shoe-tying” skills and were so excited to see the pile of toys get larger with every class! After our visit to the school, we ran the gifts over to Nate’s. The puppies were pleased to have something to play with, and the students got to see the pictures of their creations bringing the animals some joy! It was a win-win!

If you’d like us to visit your child’s school, let us know! We would love to stop in and help them spread a little SUGAR!

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