SUGAR Volunteers spent their early morning at the Celery Fields on St. Patrick’s Day. It was a marvelous way to start this special “green” day. This particular project had been on our calendar for months. When the ladies at Manatee County Parks and Recreation told us about the Great A


merican Clean-Up, we knew we wanted to participate. We selected Celery Fields for variety purposes-we’d just been to the beach for a clean-up, so we wanted to try a new location. It was a pleasant surprise to find that our locals seem to have a lot of respect for our parks. We didn’t find a whole lot of trash! Many of our kids were picking up teeny tiny pieces of trash and only on occasion would they find wrappers or drink cans. One of our families traveled deep into the park in order to find good amounts of trash and after an hour and half came back with just half a trash bag full…and a giant piece of piping. Although our event was shorter than we anticipated, we really enjoyed the walks up the hill and around the park. If you’ve not been to Celery Fields, go! The views from atop of the hill are beautiful. And we can attest to the fact that the park is clean!!

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