There has been a lot of prep work going into this weekend and we really appreciate all of the families that contributed pieces to our puzzle. We have collected over 100 purses, tons of toiletries and even a little cash to help us buy the supplies we need to make the salt scrub and lip balms. Now it is time for the students to do their part! This part is what makes SUGAR what it is – the students get to see the contributions you have made but get to add their component and finish the job. Thanks to your donations, our volunteers now have over 100 to lip balms and salt scrubs to make. They also will get to add toiletry sets, snacks and feminine hygiene products to the care packages we are making for these women’s shelters.
We do still have some spots available for your kids to join us. Please consider joining us this Saturday so the kids can get a better understanding of where the donations are going. Coming to the event will also allow them to physically see the enormity of their work!

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