Our Summer Safety Project was completed Tuesday afternoon. Volunteers not only got to test their safety knowledge with Stefan Genser, a Safety Advisor from Sarasota County Government, but they also were able to put their new tips into action. We had 50 bags to complete for the Guardian Ad Litem program. Each kit would help a child have basic safety needs – a first aid kit, bug spray, sunscreen tissues, SPF lip balm, water, electrolyte packages, and more.
As SUGAR volunteers assembled these into kits, they learned about the Guardian Ad Litem program. We were so lucky to have Joel Hornes come and explain what GAL does and how these kits were going to help the children in their care.
Everyone also took some time to make a special bracelet with UV beads to put inside each kit. These beads, when exposed to UV rays, change color. The idea behind these bracelets is to wear them, cover them with your sunscreen and use them as a guide on when to re-apply. When the beads change colors, it is time to put on more sunscreen! Volunteers also made one for themselves to keep them aware of their sunscreen too.



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