Thank you so much to those of you who have dropped off donation items! The more donations we get, the larger the event can be, and thus our impact on the lives of these sweet furry friends.

For those of you that are interested in coming but have noticed the event is now full, we will be counting out our donations and figuring out if we have enough to add more spots to our event. 
If you have some time to help us collect these, we would be very grateful! These are the minimum amounts we need in order to have a great event. We would be thrilled to have more though:
  • 200 empty water bottles (6 oz, – 16 oz. sizes)
  • 200 socks 
  • 200 old tennis balls
  • 200 wire hangers
  • 1000 large craft feathers
  • 20 large bags of dry dog and cat food 
These can be dropped off at CoWork or Ed’s Tavern, both on Lakewood Ranch Main Street, any time before September 19th. Thank you for helping us out! Please let us know whether or not you’ve got something to donate so we can give you a little shout out!
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