It has taken us awhile to get to the point where we are ready to announce our November in-house project. We are using the grant money we earned from Cheers For Charity to put on an event that supports foster families by providing them with a backup meal that’s easy to make and waiting in their pantry. Our volunteers will assemble mason jars filled with the ingredients for a main dish and a sweet treat. Our student team has been working diligently at breaking down the cost and finding some amazing recipes that our volunteers will get to make at the event!
The second half of the event is to show the foster kids a little love by providing them with a goody bag that will have a couple essentials and a treat for them. Both our SUGAR Volunteers leadership team and student team are beginning to sort out what will go in some gift bags for the foster children too.  Nevertheless, we can finally announce that this event is ready for our volunteers to sign up!

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