Reflecting on how far we have come in a year, Stefanie, Ali and I can definitely say we are grateful for all of our volunteers. This past weekend, we watched 30 kids take on the challenge of making 100 mason jar meals, stuff 25 goodie bags and add stickers to 300 books. The best part of the whole experience was watching how the students ran this one start to finish. 
This was the first project where our student team of interns was involved behind the scenes. Teagan, Maria and Kyle selected and researched the recipes for the meals, completely priced out the cost per jar and per project, as well as create social media content to highlight Manatee and Sarasota county’s foster care system. 
Our student’s involvement didn’t stop there. We had 8 students who signed up to run the stations the day of the event and the rest of our volunteers worked diligently filling 100 mason jars. These kids did everything! I’m so proud that we were able to take a step back and watch them all take ownership of their work. It was what we envisioned when we started a year ago – to see kids do a project that matches their skill set and complete it knowing exactly how they can make a difference.

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