We are so grateful to Spotlight Amusements for their generous contribution to our Kindness Day Event. When we decided to do an event to show some kindness to the kids who are staying in some local group homes, we brainstormed ways to make that happen. Melanie and Lazarus Fernandez have been so generous with their time and equipment to help make the event super fun. Thanks to them, our event will have an inflatable slide, games and even sno-cones!
In addition to having fun with new friends on the equipment Spotlight Amusements is providing, volunteers who participate in our event have the opportunity to do tons of things to celebrate National Random Act of Kindness Day:
-drop a kindness rock off at a friend’s house or leave it at a park for a stranger to discover
– make a goody bag for a friend
– Play in a kickball game with new friends
– paint a bowl for Meals On Wheels
– make a kitten toy for a shelter pet
– make bookmarks to put on FELT’s backpacks
– write letters to soldiers serving overseas
and so much more!!!

The event is scheduled for February 17th. Make sure to reserve your spot so we have enough supplies. Links to the sign up are on our website.

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