Did You Know? – Cat Depot

Cat Depot works daily to rescue abandoned, abused, injured, relinquished, and free-roaming community/feral cats and kittens. In 2017, Cat Depot rescued 1,430 cats and assisted with local and national rescues. 

You can be a volunteer at Cat Depot starting at age 8. The youngest volunteers visit the facility with their parent or caregiver and help socialize the cats. Cat Depot does require that volunteers be regular visitors and commit to twice a month for six months at a minimum, but if you love cats this may be the right fit for you! Find out more on their website!

New Member of the Student Team – Kyle

Hi everyone,

My name is Kyle Turgeon, and I am one of the new members of the student team. I am currently 16 years old and in 11th grade at NewGate, which is a Montessori School. As part of the team, with help from my partners, we will be thinking of and planning events for all of the Sugar Volunteers to participate in. So far, I have helped out and participated in a few of the events and planned a large portion of the Foster Care Awareness Event with my partners. We will definitely have a lot more to add to future events as well!